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Finding Joy & “Pockets of Happiness” in a Messed Up World

Once, I was invited to officiate at a “baby dedication” for three little children. I thought about Pope Francis saying we have to minister to everyone, not just about abortion and gay marriage, but everything. That day was a reflection of what I call “God’s garden.” There were agnostics in attendance. There were Catholics, Protestants, and Jews there. I also met

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Mothers’ Day begins in the womb: Pray for at-risk mothers and babies.

Most years, I try to attend a “Mother-Daughter Tea” for Mothers’ Day. My Mother and sometimes my daughters and granddaughters join me. We celebrate our joyous relationships. Then on Sundays I participate in a Mother’s Day celebration at church. There is always good singing and Bible teaching. Then we go out to dinner, or cook a yummy dinner at home. God provides

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