6 Out of 10 Indian Men Admit to Committing Violence Against Their Wives

U.N. Population Fund and the ICRW survey

In many parts of the world, when a girl is born families literally declare a day of mourning. Newborn girls are often buried alive, suffocated under blankets, thrown to wild animals, burned with acid, dropped down wells, or tossed into the ocean. Billboards across India advertise gender-selective abortions. Many girls in China are killed at birth—even in hospitals. Female infanticide is an accepted practice in many countries. If a girl somehow survives childhood, the abuse, hatred and gender-based discrimination doesn’t end, even when she becomes a woman.

When former Charisma Editor J. Lee Grady saw the discrimination and abuse of women he felt the Holy Spirit say: “why don’t you defend them?” He responded as a journalist with books and articles. But now his ministry has expanded around the world with crusades and orphanages.

Christian Life Missions has partnered with the Mordecai Project to help support the efforts of J. Lee Grady and rescue these women. CLM has set a goal to raise $100,000 of the $250,000 Lee needs to purchase a new building in India which provides a safe and loving Christian environment for girls who have been abandoned because of their gender. Financial support would also offer food, clothing, education and affirmation to girls who deserve a chance to succeed in life.

Lee’s vision is to partner with local churches and ministries in the developing world to establish women’s empowerment centers. These will provide:

  • Care and education for orphan girls (as well as assistance to place them in adoptive homes).
  • Shelter, healing and vocational training for women who must leave their husbands to escape violence.
  • Training for women who are called to church or ministry leadership.

The Mordecai Project has already begun its first girls’ home in India and Lee needs to raise the money to complete this project. Phase One of our plan will assist women and girls in Guatemala, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and other cities in India.

Please help support these women by giving to this cause and help to make an impact on their lives.



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Lee Grady prays for a woman in Bangalore India

Over 300k Reported Incidents of Crime Against  Women In 2013

Nation Crime Records Bureau

The Mordecai Project’s vision is to empower women to succeed and in doing so transform nations. That is accomplished in part by building safe houses for girls and women who have suffered gender-based violence and helping them to heal, be educated, and be positioned to transform their own societies.

So far The Mordecai Project has initiated projects in Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and India. Grady is planning to launch similar projects in Malawi, El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and additional cities in India. He also plans to build homes in the U.S. for Native American women, in Canada for First Nation women and in Australia for aboriginal women. “In the U.S. the women with the highest percentage of abuse are Native American women living on reservations,” he explains. “And when you look at abuse against women in Canada, it’s the native women who are at the top of the list.” It’s a similar crisis among aboriginal women in Australia.

Please consider helping him as he works to confront gender-based violence and raise the $100,000 he needs to purchase a new building for the Mordecai’s House girls’ home in Tanuku, India.”Our current facility is very small,” says Lee. “Our dream is to not only purchase a larger building but to establish a school for our 33 girls—and to make room for more. In India, many families do not believe girls are worth educating. We want our girls to demonstrate how vital it is for girls to excel in school and go to college—and eventually get good jobs. Educating girls is the secret to ending systemic poverty in the developing world!”

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Crimes against a women are reported


Rapes are reported


Dowry deaths cases


Cases of cruelty by husband or relative




Women kidnapped or abducted

Source: National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)