Bless a Child in Haiti This Christmas

In 2000, Danita Estrella-Watts founded Danitas Children, ministry which houses over 100 orphans and provides education to over 300 children. Over 18,000 meals are provided each month through the feeding program that employs 13 full-time missionaries and over 80 staff members.

The ministry team also evangelizes to the community with a weekly outreach through Safari Sunday School presentations. Each week, the bright yellow Safari truck, drives to remote areas of Northeast Haiti to share the message of love and hope of Jesus Christ to hundreds of children. Led by missionary staff, the children participate in music, drama and creative lessons to learn all about what it means to have a relationship with the Lord.

 “Whether orphaned by a flood, abandoned in a trash bin, or left alone when AIDS stole their parents’ lives away, the orphaned children at Hope for Haiti Children’s Center find love and care for hope when they’ve had no family, no home, and no hope.
We are more than a temporary home; more than a half-way house for children living between a childhood of suffering and an adult life of struggle. We are a family who believes there is always room for one more. We believe that love, particularly the love that comes from our Heavenly Father, is the single strongest force to combating the difficulties that these children face on a daily basis. We offer this love in the form of an open door, education, care for daily needs, and Christian teaching.”

This year we want to bless the orphaned children of Haiti with Christmas gifts through Danita’s ministry. We will send Danita 100% of what we raise. She will spend it all on giving gifts to children who otherwise have nothing. Those gifts might be toys, maybe pairs of shoes or something else they need. They will be gifts to brighten their lives and let them know someone in America cared enough to send them.

During this Christmas season, remember again if you do this to one of the least of these my brethren, you’ve done it as unto Christ. What a wonderful way to say, “Happy Birthday, Jesus” and “Merry Christmas.”