Help Steven Halford Build & Strengthen Churches Across the Nations

Help Revive the Great Commission in Churches Across the Nation

Hi, my name is Steven Halford. And I originally hail from England, the United Kingdom. I’ve been living in America since 2017 and this is now my home and my base.

I’ve been in ministry since 1997, when I first really got saved, and the Lord has taken me around the world. Take me to South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa. My ministry is primarily based in Africa, in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, in Nigeria. And really, my heart is to expand the Ministry of what Jesus wants to do in these places.

I would consider myself an apostolic evangelist. We go and we evangelize to small groups, medium groups, large groups, we have mass rallies, whatever it takes to get the gospel put across. I take teams with me as I go, and Minister, this will be the same whether it’s in England, whether it’s in parts of Europe, whether it’s in Asia, I always go with the team. And we work with the indigenous population of the countries in which we go.

This isn’t about myself, Steven, going by and have my name in big lights. This is really about taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nation’s. When people give their lives to the Lord, we get them involved in local ministries and local churches. If there isn’t a healthy local church, then we will plant a healthy local church.

Steven Halford ministries isn’t about us going and just putting on big events for the sake of having big events. It’s very much us go in kind of under the radar and seeing whole parts of the countries we go to really change and transforms. We’ve seen whole regions of Uganda change with the power of the gospel, we seen a great revival breakout in Nigeria, we really want to go to places like Nigeria, where we can go and rescue people with the gospel before they get radicalized.

Many of my friends over there have been persecuted. The revival that broke out 10 years ago, that we were a part of, is been under attack.

So we would love for you to stand with us. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with us and for partnering with Christian life missions to send us to the nation’s and to make Jesus known. God bless you. Thank you

Help Steven Halford Build & Strengthen Churches Across the Nations

Be it large evangelistic campaigns in the developing world or ministering in the pulpit (or on the streets) in the USA & Europe, Steven Halford Ministries desires to see people saved, healed, delivered and empowered to live adventurous lives for Jesus. His ministry builds new congregations through evangelism and spirit-filled living.

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