This 5 minute video, shows the lives you’re saving when you give to CHARISMA Cares Bless Israel as we support Magen David Adom (MDA- Israel’s National Aid Society).

I love the dedication of Shira Applebaum, an MDA paramedic and leader of their national disaster response team. She is also a symbol of the hope and inspiration that MDA’s lifesaving work provides, even in the face of tragedy.

Shira’s father and sister were killed by a suicide bomber the night before her sister’s wedding.

When Shira arrived at the scene not knowing how to help, she decided to dedicate the rest of her life to saving lives. Now a nurse in a private clinic and an MDA paramedic, Shira honors the memory of her father and sister each day with her heroic work.

More than ever, right is now is a very important time to be thinking of Israel in your prayers and your giving.

Thank you for blessing Israel & saving lives with Christian Life Missions!