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God’s Restoration Prophecy to the Motilone Indians

 Living With the Motilone Until the 1960’s the Motilone Indians (known as a violent stone-age tribe) had little contact with the outside world. They believed in the existence of a single God, and that evil spirits existed in the world. But they believed that God had rejected them for deceiving Him. A man named Sacamaydodji had come to them claiming

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Jesus Shine’s Brightly In Us

Jim Gordon, long-time supporter of Calcutta Mercy, recounts his recent visit to Calcutta, India: It was January 2015, and I found myself in Calcutta, India visiting Calcutta Mercy’s ministries. I got to see the city church, hospital, Blind School, Teacher’s Training College, and rural Mercy Schools. I learned many things, but perhaps the most impactful lesson came from India’s children,

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God Harvests Souls, While Satan Harvests Babies

In part four of the PPH expose by the Center for Medical Progress view undercover conversation with Dr. Savita Ginde, VP/Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains (PPRM) where she talks about coordinating with other Planned Parenthoods making sure that they’re “all saying the same thing, and that the CEOs are all saying the same thing;” and talking about their attorney

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