God’s Restoration Prophecy to the Motilone Indians

 Living With the Motilone Until the 1960’s the Motilone Indians (known as a violent stone-age tribe) had little contact with the outside world. They believed in the existence of a single God, and that evil spirits existed in the world. But they believed that God had rejected them for deceiving Him. A man named Sacamaydodji had come to them claiming

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Jesus Shine’s Brightly In Us

Jim Gordon, long-time supporter of Calcutta Mercy, recounts his recent visit to Calcutta, India: It was January 2015, and I found myself in Calcutta, India visiting Calcutta Mercy’s ministries. I got to see the city church, hospital, Blind School, Teacher’s Training College, and rural Mercy Schools. I learned many things, but perhaps the most impactful lesson came from India’s children,

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