Jim Gordon, long-time supporter of Calcutta Mercy, recounts his recent visit to Calcutta, India:

It was January 2015, and I found myself in Calcutta, India visiting Calcutta Mercy’s ministries. I got to see the city church, hospital, Blind School, Teacher’s Training College, and rural Mercy Schools.

I learned many things, but perhaps the most impactful lesson came from India’s children, who blessed me in more ways than I thought possible.  I met the sweetest kids who are so smart, inquisitive, eager to learn, and hungry for love.

These weren’t your typical neighborhood children. Many came from backgrounds where they have not been shown the love of God, nor taught how important they are in His eyes. Some were orphans and others cast away by their community and families because of an eye or lip deformity.

When I spent time with and cared for these children, I learned why God puts His Spirit within us. Not only does it birth us as sons of God; it also shines brightly in us to change the world for Jesus. As I stepped forth in the grace and power of the Spirit, the children could see and experience the wondrous love of Jesus.

I video recorded my entire trip and have watched it over and over again. Each time my heart breaks for those children. And each time I am blessed by them. A visit to Calcutta, India will change anybody’s life. India’s children are Jesus’ “pearls of great price.” I encourage you to go visit and be blessed by all their pretty, smiling faces.