Most years, I try to attend a “Mother-Daughter Tea” for Mothers’ Day. My Mother and sometimes my daughters and granddaughters join me. We celebrate our joyous relationships. Then on Sundays I participate in a Mother’s Day celebration at church. There is always good singing and Bible teaching. Then we go out to dinner, or cook a yummy dinner at home. God provides many blessings for many families during this time. Yet many mothers and daughters will have a bittersweet weekend.
Across America and the world, millions of aborted baby boys and girls will not feel a mother’s touch because they were silenced by abortion’s sting. Lament and weep for mothers and their children.
Every Mothers Day, there are many prayers for these losses; including those of dear friends and even family members who have lost mothers and children who are deceased by natural causes; as well as some by sickness, accidents, crimes; and yes sadly, by abortion and carcinogenic birth control.
For those who will be celebrating Mother’s Day with your beloved mothers, God bless you. Please remember to say a prayer for those who are not so fortunate; that God will heal our land, our wombs, and our families; and bring an end the scourge of abortion which is at the heart of the war on women.
– Dr. Alveda King-