Support Missionary Work in the Jungles of Colombia

Since 1961, missionary Bruce Olson has labored for the gospel of Jesus Christ among the Motilone Indians deep in the jungles of Colombia’s high Catatumbo region. But today Olson’s most exciting missionary work still lies ahead.

The Missionary work of Bruce Olson

When Bruce Olson was 19, he bought a one-way ticket to South America and traveled into the uncharted jungles of northeast Colombia. There, 45 years ago, he found the Motilones, a fierce, primitive Indian tribe.

The Motilones called him “Bruchko” because that is how they pronounced his name. Though Olson had no official sponsorship from a missions board or organization, in the ensuing years, he established medical clinics and schools for the tribe. He has translated Scripture into their language, and he has led many of them in accepting Christ as their Savior.

The small yet volatile country of Colombia has long been plagued with escalating problems, including revolutionary uprisings and plundering by drug barons. In the midst of the danger, the turmoil and the cocaine trafficking, Olson has quietly and effectively won the love and respect of the Motilones, and in fact, the entire nation. In his book titled, Bruchko, Olson tells the story of his early years of ministry in Colombia.

Olson lived and worked with the Motilones until October, 1988, when the shocking news came: He had been captured by a band of guerrilla terrorists intent on controlling Motilone territory as part of their strategy for revolution. Bruce was in captivity for nine months and endured constant torture and death threats. During that time he was faced with a firing squad, only to find that the bullets were blanks in an attempt to break him, but it didn’t work.

Finally, one of the guerrilla leaders, Federico, told him that he was released. He told Olson that they had made a mistake when they captured him. He went on to say, “It’s an embarrassment to us that you’ve been held in our camps. If we’ve mistreated you we hope you can find the greatness to forgive us. We’ve decided to leave the Motilones as an autonomous people. We will leave them alone, and you many continue your work among them as before.”

Olson led many of the guerrillas to the Lord. Olson is thankful that God was quietly working out His sovereign will, not only in his life, but in the lives of everyone involved: the Motilones and other tribal peoples, the people of Colombia, the guerrillas, and indeed, people all over the world.

Bruce’s work continues today. More than 30 professionals have graduated from Colombian universities, among which are physicians, accounts, translators, Bible scholars, forest rangers, agronomists, and more than 400 as technical apprentices and high school graduates. All the students are back among their respective communities sharing the expertise of their newly acquired knowledge.



Together We Can Support an Orphanage in India for Homeless Girls

Metro Hope for Kids was founded in 2011 with limited resources. Your financial partnership with Metro Hope for Kids will provide a much needed home for girls who have been abandoned, orphaned, and abused in Nagaland, an area in Northern India.

Support Orphaned Girls in India

There are many good ministries doing good things. Some ministries that are making an impact are very large. But what if you’re a small ministry trying to do huge things to help the poor?

Rosella Riding’s beloved husband died in 2008, and while most widows of retirement age slow down, Rosella decided it was time to do more. She founded Metro Hope for Kids in 2011, and with limited resources, she is finding new ways to help young girls in need. Your financial partnership with Metro Hope for Kids will provide a much needed home for girls who have been abandoned, orphaned, and abused.

You can rest assured that every penny you give will help build the orphanage. Nothing will be taken out for costs by CLM or Metro Hope for Kids. Your offering will help Christian girls in India who have no parents and few resources.

Please read how Rosella has describes the need, and may God lead you to give generously:

“…One day God spoke to me and said, “You can do something for the girls in Nagaland.” I responded, “Yes, God, I can do something.” At that time, I didn’t even know where Nagaland was, but God did and He knew there were 24 young girls in an orphanage who needed help. 

The world of an orphan is miserable. Like any normal child, they also have wants, needs, preferences, expectations, dreams, ambitions and longings. The difference is that, in most cases, they end up as domestic helpers, dropouts or worse. They are traumatized by the death of their parents and grow up with resentment. They need a home, loving care, an education and encouragement to fulfill their dreams.

That’s where Wondang-Ki Orphanage in Dimapur, Nagaland, India, comes in. Mr. N. Thungdemo Kikon, the founder, offers a home for these girls and babies. I have partnered with Mr. Kikon through Metro Hope For Kids, which I founded in May of 2011, and is a 501(c)3 charity recognized by the IRS. It has been most amazing what the Hope For Kids Team has been able to accomplish. We have assisted with monthly expenses such as food and rent, as well as paid all the education fees for the girls for over three years.

Now is the time for us to step up and do more! We must help build a clean, adequate home for these girls. The present orphanage is an old, rented building in need of much repair. It is very crowded with the 24 girls, 4-10 babies, Mr. Kikon, family and helpers all living in the small space. The summer of 2017 was very difficult with extreme flooding throughout the region, resulting in no running water or bathrooms for over three months.

The projected new home will house 50 girls and babies and will provide care for these beautiful children. The total estimated cost is $160,000.

I don’t think I’m the only one who will say, “I can do something.” Together it will be amazing what we can accomplish! Yes, we can do something. We can build a home for these beautiful homeless children!” Rosella Angel Ridings, Founder-Director, Metro Hope For Kids.

Your support is greatly appreciated. Rosella Ridings has visited the existing orphanage in Nagaland, India, several times and has prepared a video to share the the life of the girls who call it their home. Metro Hope for Kids has provided financial support to the orphanage for several years and can attest that it is a credible organization. You can click here to view documentation confirming that the orphanage is run with integrity.

Please give with confidence knowing that when you click on this donation button, 100% of your gift will go toward the Nagaland orphanage, with nothing taken out for overhead or fundraising expenses.



Help Stop the Abuse & Marginalization of Women Around the World

The Mordecai Project is confronting all forms of abuse including domestic violence, female infanticide, denial of education to girls, forced prostitution and sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, mistreatment of widows and honor killings. We are calling for the full participation of trained women in church leadership, and we challenge the global church to reject unbiblical religious traditions that encourage gender discrimination.

Confront Abuse and Empower Women in Developing Countries

6 Out of 10 Indian Men Admit to Committing Violence Against Their Wives

U.N. Population Fund and the ICRW survey

In many parts of the world, when a girl is born families literally declare a day of mourning. Newborn girls are often buried alive, suffocated under blankets, thrown to wild animals, burned with acid, dropped down wells, or tossed into the ocean. Billboards across India advertise gender-selective abortions. Many girls in China are killed at birth—even in hospitals. Female infanticide is an accepted practice in many countries. If a girl somehow survives childhood, the abuse, hatred and gender-based discrimination doesn’t end, even when she becomes a woman.

When J. Lee Grady, former Charisma Editor, saw the discrimination and abuse of women he felt the Holy Spirit say, “Why don’t you defend them?” He responded as a journalist would with books and articles. But now his ministry has expanded around the world with crusades and orphanages.

Christian Life Missions has partnered with the Mordecai Project to help support the efforts of J. Lee Grady and rescue these women and girls. CLM has set a goal to raise $100,000 of the $250,000 Lee needs to purchase a new building in India to provide a safe and loving Christian environment for girls who have been abandoned because of their gender. Financial support would also offer food, clothing, education and affirmation to girls who deserve a chance to succeed in life.

Lee’s vision is to partner with local churches and ministries throughout the developing world to establish women’s empowerment centers. These centers will provide:

  • Care and education for orphan girls (as well as assistance to place them in adoptive homes).
  • Shelter, healing and vocational training for women who must leave their husbands to escape violence.
  • Training for women who are called to church or ministry leadership.

The Mordecai Project has already begun its first girls’ home in India and Lee is working to raise money to complete this project. Phase One of the plan is to assist women and girls in Guatemala, Uganda, Malawi, Nigeria, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and other cities in India.

Please help support these women and girls by giving to this cause which will stop the abuse and change the circumstances of their lives.

Over 300k Reported Incidents of Crime Against Women In 2013

Nation Crime Records Bureau

The Mordecai Project’s vision is to empower women to succeed and in doing so transform nations. That is accomplished in part by building safe houses for girls and women who have suffered gender-based violence and helping them to heal, be educated, and be positioned to transform their own societies.

So far The Mordecai Project has initiated projects in Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and India. Grady is planning to launch similar projects in Malawi, El Salvador, Ecuador, Bolivia, Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and additional cities in India. He also plans to build homes in the U.S. for Native American women, in Canada for First Nation women, and in Australia for aboriginal women. “In the U.S. the women with the highest percentage of abuse are Native American women living on reservations,” he explains. “And when you look at abuse against women in Canada, it’s the native women who are at the top of the list.” It’s a similar crisis among aboriginal women in Australia.

Please consider helping Lee as he works to confront gender-based violence and raise the $100,000 needed to purchase a new building for the Mordecai’s House girls’ home in Tanuku, India. “Our current facility is very small,” says Lee. “Our dream is to not only purchase a larger building, but also to establish a school for our 33 girls—and to make room for more. In India, many families do not believe girls are worth educating. We want our girls to demonstrate how vital it is for girls to excel in school and go to college—and eventually get good jobs. Educating girls is the secret to ending systemic poverty in the developing world!”

All gifts are tax-deductible. Secure online donations can be made simply by clicking on the “Donate” button at the top if the page.



Help Support the Orphaned Children of Haiti

Danita’s Children’s programs educate and empower vulnerable children and families in Haiti.

Lives are restored through the provision of:

  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Education
  • Medical services
  • Discipleship

Our goal is to see transformation in Haiti by raising up the next generation of leaders in a Christ-centered environment.

Meeting the Needs of children in Haiti

Danita’s Children is a non-profit organization with the intent of rescuing and caring for orphaned children and meeting their spiritual, physical, academic, and emotional needs. Founded by Danita Estrella in January 1999, the organization began with a small house and fourteen children in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. Currently, Danita’s Children has 75 orphans living in three homes.  A school provides education to nearly 600 children and 17,000 meals are provided each month through the food program, and their church with its congregation of over 500 Haitians provides a place for spiritual hope.

According to UNICEF and the US Agency for International Development, there are 143 Million orphans globally. Every day 5,760 more children become orphans. There are 300,000 child slaves in Haiti and an additional 404,000 to 460,000 orphans. The median age in Haiti is 18 years, meaning that 50% of the population is children, and roughly 8% of those children are without parents. Danita’s Children exists to answer the urgent need for orphan rescue and care in Haiti and around the world.

Danita’s Children is a non-profit 501(C)3 organization located in Orlando, Florida. The organization is governed by a seven-member board of directors and is managed by a CEO, an Executive Director, and a 54 member staff.

Our Mission
We love and care for orphans.

Our Vision
We rescue, love, and care for orphans, meeting their needs spiritually, physically, academically, and emotionally, preparing them for a brighter future.

Our Governing Values
• We follow the biblical directive and standards to love and care for orphans.

• We alleviate the suffering of children.

• We restore and demonstrate dignity and respect for orphaned and impoverished children.

• We prevent the exploitation of the vulnerable, abandoned, neglected, rejected, and suffering child.

• We develop and maintain an approach to rescuing and caring for orphaned children, by meeting their spiritual, physical, academic, and emotional needs.



Support & Protect the People of Israel 

The state of Israel is in need of Christian support and love now more then ever. 

Support & Protect the People of Israel

It is important for Christians to understand that the anti-Semitic rants and protests in London, Paris, and New York, as well as throughout the media, are clogging the newspapers and TV stations with lies and darkness.

Rabbi Aaron Rubinger, the leading conservative Rabbi in Orlando, FL, has shared, “Your prayers, moral support, and vocal expressions need to be heard.” He added, “Israel defended its own civilians while opposing a cruel, terrorist regime that intentionally attacked Israeli civilians while making use of its own Palestinian people as sacrificial lambs in an effort to gain media points.” 


Bless Israel donations are given to Ezra International, Operation Lifeshield, Vision for Israel, Magen David Adom, and Disaster Relief in Israel. We invite you to partner with us to bless Israel by participating in these projects to help our Jewish friends. Christian Life Missions never takes out any money from your donations, which means you can give with confidence that 100% of your donation goes to Bless Israel as designated.

Over the past 22 years, Ezra International has helped more than 58,000 Jews in the Ukraine make aliyah (move to Israel). The ministry is currently working with another 39,000 Jews from the former Soviet Union countries and other parts of Europe and South America who can’t afford the average $360 per person needed to move to Israel. The average cost for a couple is $720, and for an entire family, it’s $1,440.

Mel Hoelzle founded Ezra International in 1995 and remains the organization’s president. The goal is to raise $30,000, which would sponsor 26 families or 83 individuals. In order to encourage more donors to give, Christian Life Missions has pledged to match each gift up to a total of $15,000. That means half the goal is already committed as long as donations continue to come in.

Through Operation Lifeshield, your donation goes directly to placing strong steel reinforced, pre-cast concrete fortified shelters in public areas, such as schools, parks and senior citizen centers. They are above-ground, fully accessible structures, meeting the strictest standards of IDF Home Front Command requirements. Lifeshield shelters are transported by truck and can be re-located to meet changing security needs.

Rabbi Schmuel Bowman, the Executive Director of Operations for Lifeshield, stated, “If Christians see their role, their raison d’etre, as bringing the gospel to the world….then their voice must heard and their actions must be felt.” Because of readers like you, who have given to Operation Lifshield, Christians have helped place many bomb shelters in locations where residents constantly need a place to flee for safety.

Vision For Israel and The Joseph Storehouse is a non-profit organization created by Barry and Batya Segal in 1994 out of the desire to help build and restore the land. Vision For Israel provides aid to the poor and needy people, both Jewish and Arab, living in the nation of Israel through the works of The Joseph Storehouse, an international humanitarian aid center operating in the Judean Hills just outside of Jerusalem.

With Magen David Adom, the official national aid society for the State of Israel, your support makes a difference in 6 ways:


  • Emergency Medical Vehicles– Their fleet of 800 vehicles has been fully funded by MDA donors like you!
  • Emergency Medical Stations– MDA has 123 emergency medical stations and 11 dispatch stations throughout Israel.
  • MDA National Blood Services Center– Responsible for maintaining Israel’s blood supply.
  • MDA Cord Blood Bank– Tests and types umbilical cord blood.
  • Training– For MDA volunteers, EMTs and Paramedics
  • Technology– GPS technology allows MDA ambulances to find the fastest route to a scene around traffic and other obstructions.
ashkelon shelter

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